“In this today’s economic, people tend to tighten their purses as they meet competition and survive. PGC offers support to let you compete and succeed. Contact us to know how…(214)686.7622. Mention: Corporate Support.”


Blue Bonnet Worldwide Services, Inc. (BBWSI) has been envisioned as an employee-owned corporation. Since 1996, efforts have been made to retain employees who will become the future leaders of the corporation. BBWSI regularly advertises its activities, customer and clientele base and openings through the media, internet and direct mail.

The corporation has a combined experience in sales and services, from auto auction to ticketing services, retail stores, buyers’ agent, and joint venture agreements. The corporation is involved on representing professional groups in several projects, from accounting to construction, both here and abroad, evolving into a truly worldwide sphere of operations that benefit, not only the staff it hires or deploys, but the communities where the corporation operates.

Adapting to the demands of this century, Blue Bonnet Worldwide opened its subsidiary, PROFESSIONAL GROUP OF COMPANIES – a support office that provides virtual offices to small businesses for $59/month. Extra fees apply to the following services based on needs. Please click here to learn more.