About Us


Blue Bonnet Worldwide Services, Inc. (BBWSI) provides quality work in the fields of accounting, bookkeeping, corporate and tax services. Its other subsidiary provides excellent medical billing and auxiliary support services that benefit our affiliate companies and long-term clients. It also has other subsidiaries providing minority-based services like certification program assistance, product sales and consular services. The combined years of experience of its diversified personnel make all of these services possible.

In 1988, four partners registered BLUE BONNET ENTERPRISES in Dallas, Texas. The partners offered accounting, bookkeeping and tax services, mainly performed by its General Partner, Carolina C. Cuison. It also offered small consumer loans and operated out of a small office in Freetown, Grand Prairie. In 1991, Carol opened up DIAMOND FINANCIAL SERVICES with two other shareholders. In 1993, the partners opened LITTLE P.I. VIDEO & SUPPLY SHOP, providing video rentals and foodstuffs to the members of the Asian community, especially Filipinos, in the metroplex. In 1991, Carol took paralegal courses to increase the partnership’s services. In 1996, the partners incorporated BLUE BONNET WORLDWIDE SERVICES, INC. and purchased Diamond Financial Services. Over the years, the corporation grew and established subsidiaries, some active, some inactive, to capture a larger clientele. By 2009, BBWSI has been recognized in Texas as an accomplished business, some awards given by some non-profit organizations and Wells Fargo Bank. Its most recent accomplishment is the recognition awarded to its CFO, Carol C. Smith in 2012.

Blue Bonnet International is our subsidiary that provides qualified employer/petitioner for our applicants. We screen our employers for the benefit of our applicants. That is part of the fee you are paying for placing you here in the United States and Canada. In view of the economic recession in the United States the placement business in this area has been very slow. However, we still have some critical positions uncovered by the local workforce and which are considered by the USCIS. There is no guarantee, however, that even if these visas are approved in the United States, the respective US Embassies on points of origin may still decline such visas.

We ensure that the job title and the job description match your skills and training to qualify you for an appropriate job. Our legal counsels process and facilitate the non-immigrants and immigrants visas for you, starting with the equivalency reports accrediting your foreign education and training to qualify them for work admission. We work with a team of lawyers specializing in immigration law.

Skilled workers’ visas has to pass approval of the Department of Labor in the U.S. under the Labor Certification Accreditation Standard meaning that your qualifications matches the skills of any U.S. citizens or permanent residents in the same industry you wish to work in abroad. To date, our Canadian partners concentrate on the provision of non-professional jobs in their areas. Check our website for future job openings.

Our United States office does not collect recruitment fees from the applicants. We provide service invoices to our employers for helping them find their workers, locally and internationally. Our Manitoba, Canadian office, once accredited will be authorized recruitment fees to help defray operating costs. This information will be contained in bulletins or announcements to be provided to the applicants. Accreditation with the POEA will also be provided to the applicants. Please wait for the website on our Canadian office to be set up soon.

Blue Bonnet International is also registered in the Philippines, not to recruit, but to forward resumes to the U.S./Canadian offices. This office is NOT authorized to collect any fees except postage or delivery expenses which receipts will be properly issued to the applicants. Should the latter decide to mail their applications direct to this office, they should coordinate with the Philippine office and copies of their resumes/certifications will be retained at this branch. Their address: 101-A P. del Rosario Ext., Brgy. Sambag I, Cebu City, Philippines. Tel #: (032) 254-8316.